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 St. Jude Learning Resource Center


The Learning Resource Center strives to support and enrich the Saint Jude Catholic School (SJCS) Basic Education and Chinese curricula, as well as to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which members of the School community can successfully seek information and ideas for their educational, informational, and recreational needs.


The Learning Resource Center supports and enhances the School’s core values of excellence, commitment, discipline, service, and Christ-centeredness by:

• selecting and providing a range of interesting and inspiring library resources and other materials in a variety of formats
• managing resources effectively and to promote their use actively
• supporting the School community’s information needs
• supporting reading and related activities for leisure and individual interest
• increasing knowledge and appreciation of Chinese-Filipino cultural heritage by way of museum and archival works


The LRC, particularly its Library, was conceived as an integral part of the School since its establishment in 1963. Its development began with collection building. At present, there are over ten thousand titles of monographs and other learning resource materials in English, Chinese, Filipino and few other languages. The book collection covers all the ten (10) divisions of the Dewey Decimal System. Special collections include: Filipiniana, Chinese Heritage, Professional Development, Religion, SVD Spirituality, School publications (Chimes, Judenites, etc.), and Audiovisual materials. The Library keeps both the current and old editions of serials subscribed to. The artifacts and memorabilia are housed in the Museum & Archives.

Operating hours

The Library is open daily except on Thursday and Sunday, from 6:30 am to 5:45 pm. AVR and Museum could be accessed by appointment, daily during class hours.


 Circulation of books and other materials
 Maintaining vertical files, providing copies of articles pertinent to education, etc.
 Selection and acquisition of books, etc.
 Preservation of materials (including those concerning the School’s documentary heritage)
 Current Awareness – The School community is updated with new acquisitions, materials recommended for reading/viewing, etc. thru announcements in local network and the LRC bulletin board.
 Internet Access
 Document Printing
 Facilitating access to AVR


 Library
 Audiovisual Room
 Museum & Archives

Policies/ General Rules


• A valid LRC card is needed by each student to borrow resource materials. To get a card, one must have accomplished the Application for LRC Card form available at the window counter. Each student is required to submit recent 1×1 photo in this regard.
• Teaching and non-teaching personnel must sign pertinent forms to be able to borrow materials
• General reference books, newspapers, magazines, audiovisual and other special materials may only be used within the Library. However, teachers may be allowed to borrow any of these materials as aid to a lesson. In such case, the material may be brought to the classroom on the day of the lesson and immediately returned thereafter.
• Materials can be checked out at the window counter and/or circulation desk. Check out time is during lunch break and after class hours.
• Returning materials is made during recess and after class dismissal
• Library users are encouraged to deposit their bags on the rack outside the Librarians’ office.

Loans and Renewals

• Each student is entitled to check out materials from the general circulation area—three (3) books each from the English or Chinese Section—which maybe kept for seven (7) days, and/or, one (1) book from the reserved section for overnight use, but, subject to extension if not needed by others.
• Teachers may borrow five (5) books from each section. [New books can be kept overnight or, at most, for 3 days and old books for 7 days.]
• Fine for each overdue book is P5.00 per day.
• If a book is lost, the user must report it at once to the librarian.

Computer Use Rules and Policy

1. All computers are used for academic research, encoding and e-mail purposes only. Online chatting, playing of games, watching movies, social networking, downloading, surfing of pornographic materials and accessing proxy websites are strictly prohibited.

2. User of the internet should present his/her LRC borrower’s card to the staff-on-duty to secure a carrel number, log in to the Internet Access Logbook and proceed to the assigned computer workstation. Only one (1) user is allowed per access workstation. The First-In-First-Out (FIFO) rule applies.

3. Surrender the carrel number to the staff-on-duty before leaving the LRC premises.

4. Each student is allowed 15-minute use only during peak hours which is lunch and library session. Research and encoding, however, may be allowed after dismissal of classes until LRC closes at 5:15 in the afternoon.

5. Changing of computer settings is strictly prohibited.

6. If a computer malfunctions, do not attempt to fix problems, instead notify the staff-on-duty. Do not use the other computer workstations without permission. If anyone is caught destroying any equipment/accessory, the user shall be held liable for the cost of such equipment/accessory and shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

7. Multimedia CDs from the LRC’s collection may also be viewed at the facility.

8. External devices such as Zip drives, Hard Drives, Flash Drives and USB drives should be scanned first before using and can only be connected to computer workstations by the staff-on-duty.

9. Priority is given to all SJCS users, in case all workstations are in use.

10. Eating and drinking is not allowed. Cell phones will have to be turned off or put into silence mode while inside the Learning Resource Center. The LRC reserves the right to cancel or terminate usage when acceptable use rules are violated.

Policies on printing

1. Printing should be done by staff-on-duty and registered in the printing log book.

2. A limit of 10 pages is allowed per patron.

3. Any erroneous printouts will be charged to the patron concerned.

Library Personnel

Mr. Arnulfo O. Junio
Head, Learning Resource Center

Ms. Rica Regina B. Diaz

Ms. Perla Tan
In-charge of the Chinese Collection

Mr. Jose Jerry dela Rosa
AVR Coordinator

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