Mendiola Consortium Committee on Libraries

Chairman: Ms. Rosette E. Nuera – CHSM

Members: Ms. Lourdes dc Roman – SBC, Ms. Claire Pascua – LCCM, Mr. Mark Junio – SJCS, Mrs. Vicky Baleva – CEU

  1. The existing arrangements obtaining among CEAP schools may be followed – namely, that students of any member school, upon proper identification, may avail themselves of the other members schools’ library facilities, subject to the limitation (of reading space, ready availability of material, services, etc.) imposed by the priority rights of the institution’s regular student body to these facilities and by the school library’s rules and procedures.
  2. Special cooperative effort in developing areas of specialization will be undertaken by mutual agreement.
  3. Consortium schools will exchange book lists for posting at a strategic place in each school’s library.
  4. No library books may be taken out by the students.  However interlibrary loans will be agreed upon.
  5. No library fees will be charged.

Best Practices of Mendiola Consortium Committee on Libraries

  • Annual Planning
  • Inclusion of Services & Resources of Mendiola Consortium Committee on Libraries during Library Orientation
  • Increased Utilization of Technology for Resource sharing
  • Evaluation of activities sponsored by the Committee
  • Utilization of Common Forms (Referral Letter & Evaluation Form)
  • Inter Library loan
  • Conducting of Regular Meeting

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